The Show One: A mixed exhibition Neapolitan Painting

The Fiumano Fine Art Summer Season begins with an exhibition of contemporary paintings by Neapolitan Artists from the 6th – 30th June 2012.

Andrea Patrisi | Ravello | oil on board | 50 x 70 cm

We will be showcasing new paintings by some of the finest painters of the region, all of who are at the peak of their respective careers.

Vincenzo Aprile | Natura Morta | oil on canvas | 70 x 100 cm

Andrea Patrisi and Vincenzo Aprile have created works depicting the timeless beauty of the Amalfi coast including vistas of Sorrento, Capri and Ravello. The older painter, Fortuno Fortunao’s fishing scenes of the same geographical area could not be more different to the vibrant and energetic scenes of his younger peers. Fortunato concentrates on the stillness and quiet of the local workers, leaving each morning to catch fish in the same way that their fathers and grandfathers have done for almost a century.

Giani Strino’s muse is not the magnificent scenery of the Campania region but the intense and striking beauty of the local women. Raven haired and often temperamental, Strino’s models ooze passion and allure, comparable to that of Neapolitan Sophia Loren. Like Loren their beauty is both wild and passionate, they are real women with strong ties to the land and their heritage.

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