Friday 11th - Saturday 19th December 2015

Baron Emmerich von Flughafen introduces Abstract Pornography.

Society fiercely enjoys labelling and criticizing everything related to sex. seX – fiction operates mainly outside the borders of natural sex. These objects silence the history of moral conflicts. Should sex be always taken so seriously?

This is a utopian space where the distinction between animate and inanimate is perverted. Objects abandon their passiveness reproducing through sexual intercourse and by doing so liberate themselves from thousands of years of unwanted dependance.

Baron Emmerich von Flughafen, formerly known as Diego Fortunato, is an artist and designer known for his ability to alter our perception and pleasure of both space and reality. During low ski season in St Moritz he spotted a tiny stone and moved it approximately 1 inch having a revelation: “I’ve transformed the landscape”. He has been a conceptual artist ever since.

Paul Spez and Jonathan F. Kugel are collaborating as young London-based curators to present a series of exhibitions in association with Fiumano Projects. seX – fiction is their first collaboration.