Endre Roder

Girls From the Village – Innocence, Purity & Beauty

 Veronika | Oil on canvas | 70 x 50 cm

Veronika | Oil on canvas | 70 x 50 cm

Fiumano Fine Art is delighted to present “Girls from the Village - Innocence, Purity and Beauty”, by Hungarian artist Endre Röder. The exhibition will feature new works created in 2016 alongside never seen before paintings charting Endre’s forty year career as a successful and widely collected artist.

Endre Röder paints with honesty and a genuine understanding of his muse: women and the essence of femininity. Endre has dedicated his entire artistic career to painting the beauty he sees in each of his models. In his most recent works Endre has selected models who radiate the often incidental allure of young women on the cusp of maturity. Not yet quite used to the curves and sensuality of womanhood, these young adults have a natural beauty that is both arresting and delicate.

Endre’s distinctive and accomplished painting style has a clear foundation in the ‘rules’ of classical painting, yet has a uniqueness that ensures it is firmly rooted in the contemporary. Unlike many modern figurative artists Endre is able to capture the elusive quality in each of his sitters that takes the viewer beyond simple reality.

Exhibition: Girls From the Village

Private View: Wednesday 28th September 2016, 6.30 - 8.30 pm

When: 29th September – 22nd October 2016

Where: FIUMANO PROJECTS | Unit 12, 21 Wren Street | London | WC1X 0HF

Contact: Francesca Fiumano

email: Francesca.fiumano@fiumanofineart.com

Web: www.fiumanofineart.com

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11am – 6pm, Saturday 12 noon – 4pm

All other times by appointment.


Techno and the City

Techno&Philosophy and Fiumano Projects present


                         Exhibition: 4th-12th November;  Opening Times: Tue-Fri 6-9 PM, Sat 12-5 PM

                        Exhibition: 4th-12th November;  Opening Times: Tue-Fri 6-9 PM, Sat 12-5 PM


As often happens, questions can be more important than answers. When we began this process, we were more interested in the journey; we wanted to explore a theme rather than finding an easy solution to sell. To be honest, we looked for small treasures, as opposed to the Eldorado. It was with this spirit that we opened a call for proposals to attract emerging artists. At the same time, we took a proactive approach and went on a virtual journey to find other gems.

The map we had gave us some indications. With the rise of the digital, innovative media has transformed the art world. There are no fixed objects and we had to look for hybrids. Sonic art mixed with visual art, objects that made sounds, machines turned into sculptures, techno-performers, robotic languages, soundscapes, electric canvases. As if this was not enough, we realised that not only the concept of what art actually is was stretching, but space too.

All of the artefacts we encountered had a special relationship to the urban space from where they originated. Like in an assemblage, we saw different cities merging together and beyond boundaries we could see other cities running through the local urban fabric. We also realised that the journey is full of threats. Corporate sheriffs like to destroy autonomous spaces, so we found that our mission is also to fight back, resist, and by doing so, create and push the boundaries of our imagination. Thus, this exhibition will also be a moment of celebrating this battle, a break between journeys.



Abdul Qadim Haqq is an American visual artist and a pioneer of Techno Visual Art. Founder of Third Earth Visuals, Haqq has provided the electronic music community with visual conceptual imagery since 1989. His artwork is seen all over the world on classic Detroit Techno records by likes of Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Underground Resistance, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Eddie Fowlkes, Rick Wade and many more.



Anakhemia is the artist persona of Afra Khan, who plays electronic mind-body music, and whose vision is to inspire a dialogue in the human psyche through the method of musical storytelling.


Daniel Kalinski aka CHAZME is a Polish painter, illustrator and street artist. His work consists of dystopian structures that reflect the pattern of modern skyscraper architecture and acts as a critique on contemporary urban planning.


Jiyoung Yoo is a London-based artist whose work portrays today’s landscape where images she encountered from her ‘real’ life and her ‘digital’ life merge.


Influenced by renovation and decay, Heiner launched his own design-label in 2014. Heiner’s work is marked by the link between textiles and graffiti.


Julien Pacaud is a French artist and illustrator, living and working in Paris. In 2013, Julien collaborated with Axis, the home of Jeff Mills and Yoko Uozumi.


Michael Lange is a German photographer known for his atmospheric compositions. His work “WALD | Landscapes of Memory” appeared on Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald’s collaborative project “Borderland”.


Narin Kim is a visual designer and digital artist who was born in Seoul, South Korea. Narim will present “SecretTranslator 1.0”, a project that explores digital textuality, oral speech, and print media using digital coding.


Stefan Fähler is a freelance art director and illustrator working primarily in the music and film industries. He designs the ongoing flyer series for Gegen Berlin at Kit Kat Club.


Djurovic uses many different media and combines different methods from woodcut to animation clips. Techno lovers may remember Distant Echoes' "Fury Road EP" cover, published by Dystopian records, a label famous for its melancholic and dark sounds.


SIREN is the London-based collective focused on forward thinking movements in dance music promoting women and non-binary artists.

Fiumano Projects' Summer Exhibition - Celebrating 15 years

Join us on Wednesday the 13th of July to celebrate 15 wonderful years of Fiumano Fine Art and Fiumano Projects!

Sam Burford | Twelve Angry Men 

We will be showing a curated selection of artworks from our represented artists, Sam Burford, Roger Holtom, Takefumi Hori, Tindàr and Michel Ajerstejn.


Friday 11th - Saturday 19th December 2015

Baron Emmerich von Flughafen introduces Abstract Pornography.

Society fiercely enjoys labelling and criticizing everything related to sex. seX – fiction operates mainly outside the borders of natural sex. These objects silence the history of moral conflicts. Should sex be always taken so seriously?

This is a utopian space where the distinction between animate and inanimate is perverted. Objects abandon their passiveness reproducing through sexual intercourse and by doing so liberate themselves from thousands of years of unwanted dependance.

Baron Emmerich von Flughafen, formerly known as Diego Fortunato, is an artist and designer known for his ability to alter our perception and pleasure of both space and reality. During low ski season in St Moritz he spotted a tiny stone and moved it approximately 1 inch having a revelation: “I’ve transformed the landscape”. He has been a conceptual artist ever since.

Paul Spez and Jonathan F. Kugel are collaborating as young London-based curators to present a series of exhibitions in association with Fiumano Projects. seX – fiction is their first collaboration.