Rodolfo Meli

Rodolfo Meli is a Florentine painter that I have been working with for over five years here in London. His delicate yet monumental paintings captured my imagination from the first moment I saw them.

Lisa on Ghirlanda di Rose

Lisa on Ghirlanda di Rose

Rodolfo has always sought to represent of the human figure with vivid imagination. He creates stories that find their origin in distant epochs of his homeland – from the mysteries of Etruscan civilization, to a Renaissance ideal dreamed through the examples of Fra Angelico and Piero della Francesca.


Protagonists who help to tell his tale include Aphrodite with the tears she wept transformed in to pearls and woven into her hair and the beautiful Lisa, Meli’s Meuse and inspiration.


Meli paints with tenderness and delicacy, his graceful and beautiful figures capture imagination of the viewer. We are invited into his dreamlike world, in the warm hills of Tuscany, to join his mystical and curious characters and act out the story of his imagination.


A selection of paintings by Rodolfo Meli can be seen at the gallery throughout the month of August. Please contact the gallery for summer opening hours.


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