Past, Present & Future

Fiumano Fine Art Summer Exhibition

3rd – 21st June 2011
A celebration of 10 years on Connaught Street

Endre Röder exhibition, “Röders Women”, 13 May – 10th June 2009

June 2011 marks my 10th year not only on Connaught Street but also as a gallery owner. I find it quite hard to believe that a decade has passed since I first experienced the life of a gallery owner.

Fiumano Fine Art actually opened in the summer of 2007 after six years of partnership with my previous gallery FarmiloFiumano. In the four years since the gallery has taken on many new artists and maintained strong relationships with artists from my first gallery.

Work by David Undery, Rodolfo Meli & Yves Klein, August 2007

Past Present & Future is a celebration of the whole ten years showing work by artists who span my first decade as a gallery owner.

I am also introducing a new gallery artist for this exhibition, Dameon Priestly. I first saw Dameon’s work this March and was immediately taken by his evocative and mysterious paintings. Dameon deals with often quite dark and disquieting themes in his work and is not frightened of controversial subject matter. Having said that there is something almost serine about the quiet figures that he paints.

Dameon Priestly “Catechism” 25 x 36 cm oil on canvas board

From the Legacy, E Nomine Padre Series 2011

The exhibition Past, Present & Future will run from the 3rd – 20th June 2011. Please contact the gallery for further information.

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