Discipline of the Soul

A collaborative exhibition of paintings by Hala Al Khalifa
& Lulwah Al Homoud

Fiumano Fine Art Gallery,  27 Connaught Street
London, W2 2AY – 21st June – 2nd July 2011

Discipline of the Soul is an exhibition that brings together the work of two internationally acclaimed contemporary artists Hala Al Khalifa and Lulwah al Homoud. The aim of the exhibition is to promote the exchange of ideas and aesthetics creating a curated exhibition which unifies both universal and personal themes through abstract and figurative painting. In addition to individual works by both Hala al Khalifa and Lulwah al Homoud there will be a series of collaborative pieces unique to this exhibition.

Hala Al Khalifa, Wings of Desire, Oil on canvas

Hala Al Khalifa has already had several highly successful solo shows both here in London and in Qatar. Her 2009 her exhibition Windows of Separation‘ held at Fiumano Fine Art, London  received international media attention and saw her paintings entering private collections in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, America and Qatar. Several of her beautiful figurative paintings were purchased specifically for the Museum on Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

Hala Al Khalifa, Before, Oil on canvas

I have known Hala’s work for almost ten years and in that time have watched her style evolve and develop into sophisticated representations of love and humanity. The written word has remained a constant motif with poetry and prose often overlaid or underwritten in her paintings. This not only adds a further visual dimension – the beautiful Arabic script she uses creates abstract forms to those unable to ‘read’ the text – but also the words themselves create a further level of meaning, intensifying her emotionally charged paintings.


Hala Al Khalifa, Until I fly to you, Oil on canvas

I have always worked in themes … images that haunt my mind and then emerge on the paper or on canvas to tell a story … or complete a broken thought … or express a hidden longing… to a person, a place  or to show the turbulence’s of my soul..
This time it’s all about wings … trying to fly … and spread out … or trapped and wounded …
We all have aspirations and dreams, we all have fears and uncertainties… ones we wish to let them fly lose, and others are tied close to our selves…
It is a journey that I am trying to learn from..
in aspiration of mastering disciplines of the soul…
Hala Al Khalifa
, London 2011


Lulwah Al Homoud, Infinite Cube, Gold leaf and Silk Screen on canvas


Lulwah Al Homoud has had similar international recognition with many international exhibitions including group shows in Paris, Qatar, Korea, China and London. Lulwah’s work has also been sold successfully at public auction (Sotheby’s 2010 & Christies 2009).

Lulwah Al Homoud, Al Akir, Silkscreen

Lulwah’s current artistic preoccupation is abstraction as the purest form of expression. Her mixed media works (gold leaf and silkscreen printing) use geometric shapes as a means of connecting to a higher spiritual level. Abstraction is often accused of being cold and detached from reality, this could not be further from the case with Lulwah’s inspired canvases. She is able to reduce form to its purest level and combine rich colours and sensual materials allowing us the view to connect on both a visual and ethereal level.

Lulwah Al Homoud, Al Akhir II, Silkscreen

I am always drawn to geometry as an abstract form, liberating language and nature from its outward appearance. I am neither a prisoner of my own feelings nor am I responding to life events. Turning basic shapes into complex intertwined compositions suggests continuity and eternity, without a beginning or an end. These shapes suggest the static equilibrium of the Infinite shining through the finite world.

Lulwah Al Homoud, London 2011


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